Admission Policy

We accept foreign student only when the applicant satisfy all following conditions.

1. The applicant has clear funding support (scholarship) such as MEXT program, especially in the case of applying Ph.D. course.
2. The applicant plans to go back original country after finishing master or ph.d. course.
3. The research project/idea of the applicant fits our ongoing research project.
4. The personality of the applicant seems not problematic to go through the course in Japan.
5. The applicant passes entrance examination of the course he/she wants to participate.

Another case we accept is the case when the applicant satisfy all following conditions.

6. The applicant comes as a visiting student under student exchange program between Kyoto University and his/her original institution (including department level agreement).
7. The applicant is under strong supervision of a supervisor of his/her original institution, whom has the contact to has deep discussion with one of our staff.

So, in your case, you need to fulfill (by your effort) condition 1 at first (Then, you also need to fulfill following conditions at the same time). Please try to find any suitable funding for you first.

Talking about condition 3, you can consult our web site (even it is not sufficient), and you may search our staff names by any article finders such as google scholar and read the articles to know what we have done. (It is universal approach to find any laboratories or groups to fit your academic interest.)

Talking about condition 5, please consult the following web site given by the schools which we are belongs to.

Graduate School of Informatics

Graduate School of Medicine