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Clinical Management Support


Nursing Department


  • ・Igawa Junko

Pharmacy (Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics)


  • ・Prof. Terada Tomohiro

Medical Information Technology & Administration Planning


  • ・Prof. Kuroda Tomohiro


  • ・South Ward B1F

We operate and maintain information systems for medical practice and research. The Kyoto University Hospital operates a highly sophisticated hospital information system so that patients may rest assured that they are receiving highly accurate treatment. Recently, we have been at the forefront of establishing systems for collaborative community medicine as well as supporting hospital management. We are also conducting research with graduate students in medicine and informatics by combing information from actual medical practice and cutting-edge technologies such as; medical virtual reality, ubiquitous medical care, tele-surgery and the automatic medical data extraction method.


Patient Safety Unit

●Division of Patient Safety

  • ・Director…physician / Yumi Matsumura
  • ・Assistant Director&GRM…pharmacist / Takashi Yamamoto
  • ・GRM…nurse / Naomi Araki
  • ・Staff…nurse / Natsuki Koishi
       physician / Tatsuto Nishigori
       pharmacist / Karin Kato
       nurse / Megumi Iida
       secretary / Yoshie Kanba

●Patient Safety Administrator

  • ・Administration Chief… Hiroshi Yoshida
  • ・Administration Staff… Hashi Masahiro
        Suto Daisuke
  • ・Staff… Tochigi Momoka
        Tetsushi Suetsugu
        Matsumiya Tsuneo
        Hiromi Fujita
        Namiko Habu
        Nakata Hiroko
        nurse / Keiko Hori

About the Safety Management Room We have been engaging in the following activities since the division was established in April 2001

  • ・Initial response and investigation to medical errors
  • ・creating and inplementation of new standard operating procedures(SOPs) and reviewing of existing SOPs
  • ・Analysis of incident reports
  • ・Attending meetings or conferences on patient safety
  • ・Patient safety education for undergraduate medical students
  • ・Collaborating with other universities, hospitals and community for patientl safety

Solutions Center for Health Insurance Claims


  • ・Prof. Seno Hiroshi

Patient Support Center


  • ・Program-Specific Prof. Ueshima Kenji


  • ・Reception of Outpatient Ward 1F