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For Visitors

Visiting Restrictions

To prevent infection such as the flu and COVID-19, we will ban visiting patients except in case we deem necessary.
In the below case, we will allow visiting patients.

  • ●Attendant of hospitalization / discharge
  • ●Handing over laundry and other necessary items.

When you visit patients, please observe the following notes.

  • ・Do visiting within about 10 minutes and as little times as possible.
  • ・You cannot come to hospital if you have the cold symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat.
  • ・Prepare a mask by yourself and be sure to wear it in visiting.
    We will ban visiting if you don’t wear a mask.
  • ・Be sure to disinfect your hands before the visit.

If you have question, please ask to staff of our hospital.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are set to avoid interference with examinations and patients' rest.
Based on patients' conditions, visitors may not be allowed.

General ward

Visiting Hours 14:00PM~20:00PM


Kind of ICU Visiting Hours
ICU 14:00PM ~ 15:30PM
17:00PM ~ 20:00PM
14:00PM ~ 15:00PM
17:00PM ~ 20:00PM
9:30AM ~ 16:15PM
17:00PM ~ 19:40PM
20:30PM ~ 22:00PM
ES-ICU 14:30PM ~ 20:00PM

Visitor Registration

When you arrive at the ward, please tell a nurse about your request to visit a patient.
Make sure to register at a staff station when visiting patients.


●About Epidemic Diseases

Viruses such as colds, measles, mumps or chicken pox might lead to severe conditions for patients with compromised immune systems.
People having cold or other epidemic diseases are NOT allowed to visit patients.

●About visit of child

To prevent infection, visits by children are NOT allowed at the following areas.
Children can meet with patients at elevator hall.

Area Age
Sekitei Ward3F Under aged 7
Middlie Ward 5F
South Ward 6F
under primary school age

●About Fresh Flowers

Flowers are NOT permitted to bring the following areas.

North Ward Middle Ward South Ward Sekitei Ward ICU
1F 5F 6F 3F ICU
  6F   4F CCU / HCU
  7F   5F ES-ICU


Parking at our hospital is very limited and parking over 30 minutes will be charged.
Please use public transportation to visit patients.