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Basic Principles, Code of Ethics

Basic Principles

Providing safe and high-quality medical care
as a patient-centered hospital.
Contributing to society through the
development and practice of new treatments.
Fostering medical professionals with a sense of mission,
responsibility as well as compassion.

Code of Ethics

Kyoto University Hospital aims to create an environment where patients can live healthy and fulfill their lives by relieving their suffering. We declare the Code of ethics as below which needs to accomplish our mission.

●Code of Ethics

  • ・Support patients with compassion
  • ・Provide scientifically and medically appropriate that benefits patients
  • ・Respect the patient's personality
  • ・Act honestly and independently
  • ・Maintain and improve knowledge and skills
  • ・Respect colleagues and other occupations to build a cooperative system
  • ・Research properly
  • ・Deal personal information appropriately
  • ・Comply with laws, guidelines and hospital guidelines
  • ・Promote smooth communication with society
  • ・Prevent inappropriate and fraudulent activities
  • ・Prevent the adverse effects of conflicts of interest

Principles of the Nursing Department

Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities:

  • ・to promote health
  • ・to prevent sickness
  • ・to restore health
  • ・to relieve suffering

We offer a holistic perspective and are proactive in working with our specialists in order to fulfill these responsibilities.
We also provide nursing care based on the Kyoto University Hospital's principles in patient rights.

●Principles of the Nursing Department

  • 1. We respect patients' beliefs, personalities, lives and rights.
  • 2. We help patients make their own decisions by providing all necessary information.
  • 3. We maintain competence by continually learning as individuals as well as part of the hospital.
  • 4. We promote research activities to improve the quality of nursing care, and also co-operate to fulfill the mission of Kyoto University Hospital, which provides excellent medical care, education and research.
  • 5. We co-operate, establish trust with different departments and participate in the hospital operations as a part of the medical team.
  • 6. We contribute to the national welfare through nursing care.
  • 7. We are active in developing and sustaining a core of professional values.