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Patient Counselling Room

Patient Counselling Room

Kyoto University Hospital provides counselling for patients and family members for better hospital operation. We will also accept opinions regarding medical safety.

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Hours 8:30am to 5:15pm
Excluding Sat, Sun, Public Holidays, New Year Holidays and Founded day(6/18)
Reception <East Ward>
 Patient Support Center(Outpatient Ward 1F)
<West ward>
 Administration(East Ward 1F)
Room Patient Counseling Room(Outpatient Ward 1F)
Person in Charge Director of Kyoto University Hospital
Chief Counsellor Medical Service Department Chief
Counsellors Medical Service Department Staff
  • ●The privacy of all patients will be protected.
  • ●Strict confidentiality is maintained for those patients who choose to give feedback/counseling.

Counselling after Discharge

  • *First talk to your doctor or nurses at your ward.

Opinion Box

Located on all floors of all patient wards, the outpatient ward, on the basement and the 1st floor of central clinical ward and the radioisotope medical-examination ward.

Feedback Notice Board with Hospital Reponses

Outpatient Ward 1F(by the admission counter), Central Clinical Ward 1F, West Ward