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Medical Billing and Payment

Instruction on Medical Bill for Foreign Patients

The following is a description of the medical bill for patients with foreign nationalities.
Thanks for your understanding and kind support.


Those who are non-Japanese, and do not have effective public health insurances in Japan

●Medical Bill

30 Yen for one point(pre-tax)

●Commencement date

May 1st / 2020

Payment Method


  • *Japanese yen only.
  • *Foreign currency exchange is not available within the hospital.

●credit card

  • *The PIN number for your card is required.

●debit card (bank card)

  • *Some card may not be acceptable.
  • *The PIN number for your card is required.

Place for Payment

* You can check the table below by scrolling horizontally.
Clinical Place
East Ward Outpatient Ward 1F
(reception counter No.20 / automated payment machines※)
West Ward West Ward 1F (administration counter)
  • *Payment at the counter takes longer.
    If you are in a rush, use the automated payment machines.
    There are two types of payment machines; cash only and credit / debit cards only.

Private Insurance / Medical Certificate

If you have private insurance, please contact the insurance company for confirmation on your responsibility. Kyoto University Hospital DOES NOT directly negotiate with private companies.

If you need medical certificate, please apply it and pay medical fee, medical certificate fee and postage cost on the consultation day.

  • *We DO NOT reissue
  • *We CANNOT accept the application by email or phone after the consultation day.

Reissue of Receipts

You will need a receipt in order to claim a medical expenses deduction on your income tax or to get reimbursed for expensive treatment.
Receipts will NOT be reissued, so keep it in a safe place.