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Hospital Stay

Basic Information


Meals during your hospital stay will be served by the hospital.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
8:00 12:00 18:00
  • *The restart or cancellation of meals might be late depending on the amount of notice you give to meal staff.


A fixed cost for meals will be charged during your hospital stay.
If you do not eat the prepared meal at your convenience, you will need to pay.


It is prohibited to bring food in from outside.
It is prohibited to give food to other patients as well.


Normal room contains 4 patients.
There are some paid private rooms available. Go to a staff station if you are interested.

  • *We may ask patients to change rooms depending on medical conditions.

Day Leave and Overnight Leave

It is necessary to obtain permission from your doctor for day leave and overnight leave.
If you have permission, please go to a staff station to apply.
If we cannot confirm your location for a long time after your scheduled return time, we may ask the police for a search.

●Please cooperate with advance notice

Let a nurse know when you return from a day leave or overnight leave.
Let a nurse know when you leave your room (including go for a walk or go to store in the hospital).

●Restart or Cancellation of Meals

The restart or cancellation of meals might be late depending on the amount of notice you give to meal staff.
If you are planning on a day leave or overnight leave, cancellation should be placed at least one meal prior to the next expected delivery time.

  • *It is not considered to be a cancellation when you do not eat a delivered meal for personal reasons.

Display name at patient room

Patients' names will be presented in patient rooms for safety reasons.
If you do not wish to give your information to visitors, tell the Reception for hospitalization and discharge (Patient Support Center, Outpatient Ward 1F).


We ask all patients to wear wristbands for medical safety reasons such as identifying patients.


In principle, no one is allowed to stay with patients.
However, in case the doctor gives a permission upon family's request as well as due to one's condition, only family member can accompany with patients.

Hospital School

●For primary school and junior high school students

There is a hospital school (by Kyoto City Toyo Special Needs School) located on Hospital Street on the 3rd floor of the outpatient ward. Inquiry at the hospital school if you are interested.

●For high school students

Learning support is provided by the Kyoto City Toyo Special Needs School.

Patient Counseling Room

It is our aim to provide to the best possible environment to allow you to concentrate on your treatment. If you have any problems, suggestions, or requests about your treatment or hospital stay, do not hesitate to contact our medical staff. Patient Counseling Room is also available.


Payment During hospitalization

We close the bill for your hospital stay at the end of each month and give you the bill in the middle of the following month.
Make the payment at the payment counter (no.20) by the end of the month.

Payment at Discharge

We will give you the bill on the day of discharge or by mail later.
If you will be given the bill on the day of discharge, please pay at payment counter no.20 or automated payment machines(Outpatient Ward 1F).

Precautions regarding hospitalization costs

●Medical Expenses

You need to pay the medical expenses first for the injuries including traffic accidents that you received from the third party.

●Special rooms and birth assistance

These costs are not covered by the health insurance.
These are charged based on our charging rules.

●Hospitalized for over 180 days

If you are hospitalized for over 180 days (including other hospitals) for the same disease, you must pay part of the hospitalization fee on top of the co-payment of the health insurance. (2,640yen)

●Consultation to other clinical department

If you have to see another clinical departments (including dentistry) than the one you are seeing during your hospital stay, it is considered to be a first consultation even with your doctor's referral.
You need to pay a fee of 5,500 yen for the first consultation without a referral letter (not covered by the health insurance.).

  • *If it is related to the current disease, the fee can be waived.

●Consultation to another hospital or clinic

During your hospital stay, you cannot have a medical examination covered by health insurance at other medical institutions.
If you wish to have such a medical examination, be sure to consult your doctor and nurse in advance.

  • *If you have a medical examination at another medical institution during your hospital stay, it will not be covered by the health insurance plan and all the expenses will be charged to you.


Keep receipts safe as you will need them when applying for major medical expense supplies or medical expense deductions.
We DO NOT reissue receipts.
(As an alternative, it is possible to issue certificates proving payment. Please go to counter no.20 on the 1st floor of the Outpatient Ward.)


Prohibited items

It is prohibited to bring the following items.

Risk of burns and fire Risk of mold Risk of infection
Hot Water Dispenser
Warming Apparatus
Humidifier Fresh Flowers*

*Fresh flowers are prohibited in North War 1F, Middle Word 5F, 6F, 7F, Sekitei Ward 3F, 4F, 5F, South Ward 6F, ICU, CCU/HCU, ES-ICU.

Cell phones

Set the manner mode and use the call in the designated areas.


Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital. If you smoke in the middle of a treatment, we may have to cease treatment.
A smoking cessation consultation is available in the hospital. It is recommended to take a consultation before your hospital stay.
(Patches to help you quit smoking are not covered by health insurance during your hospital stay.)


Some thefts have been reported in the past. Please keep your valuables safe.
If you see suspicious individuals, please inform staff stations.


For pedestrian safety and leaving space for emergency vehicles, we limit the number of cars in parking lots.
Due to limited space, you are not allowed to park your car during the hospitalization.
Ask any visitors to use public transportation too.
Parking is free on the day of admission / discharge or in the case of being asked to come by our hospital. Click below button for details.


If there is any possibility of danger from fire, inform other patients as well as the hospital staff.
Notice the following when making an evacuation.

  • ・Follow any instructions by hospital staff. Do not act independently.
  • ・Help each other and act calmly.
  • ・Do not take an elevator in case of a blackout.

Vote (Absentee vote)

If you would like to vote by absentee ballot, tell the ward chief 10 days prior to the voting date.


●Request for cooperation to reduce the burden on doctors and shorten working hours

At present, the health hazards associated with long working hours of doctors are becoming a problem.
From the viewpoint of ensuring the quality and safety of medical care provided to patients, we are working on the following measures so that doctors can work without fatigue.

  • ・Explanations of patients' illnesses, etc., will be provided within weekdays.
    (In the case of non-emergency)
  • ・We have introduced a multiple-doctors system for hospitalization.
    For medical treatment on holidays and weekdays and nights, the on-duty doctor will take responsibility on behalf of the attending doctor.

●About your consideration

We DO NOT accept any gifts from patients.