This Research Center was established in April 2001, in order to promote translational and synthetic research converting the findings of basic medicine and biology into novel clinical diagnosis and treatment. Our mission is to accelerate innovation of therapeutics@and improve therapeutic outcome of intractable disorders.
The center consists of three departments, Departments of Experimental Therapeutics (for research to discover new drugs and to develop novel methods for diagnosis and treatment), of Clinical Trial Design and Management (for designing clinical trial, and protocol development, and statistical analysis of trial results) and of Clinical Trial (for organizing clinical trial team and conducting clinical trial). Department of Experimental Therapeutics has two units, Fixed Research Project Unit and Invited Research Project Unit.

Department of Experimental Therapeutics

Fixed Research Project Unit
Invited Research Project Unit

Invited Research Project Unit
Retina Regenerative Medicine Project (October 2001 - September 2006)
Ghrelin Research Project (December 2001 - November 2006)
Regenerative Medicine of Pancreatic b-cell (July 2002 - June 2007)
Thioredoxin Project (June 2003 - May 2008)
Therapeutic Cardiac Stem Cells Project (September 2003 - October 2008)

Department of Clinical Innovative Medicine